The Truth About Truth– Today’s Youth Devotion

The Truth About Truth

Bible Reading: Psalm 146:1-10

He is the one who made heaven and earth, the sea, and everything in them. He is the one who keeps every promise forever. Psalm 146:6

GOD DID NOT create everything.

Does that statement surprise you? It’s true.

Oh, he created the universe, with its countless galaxies of stars and planets, asteroids, and black holes.

He created this earth and all its rivers and oceans, mountains and valleys, rocks and grass and trees.

He created all the fish and creatures in the sea. He created dolphins, whales, swordfish, and tuna. He created the glassy eyes of the shark. He created the spoon-shaped tail of the manatee. He created the poisonous fins of the lionfish and the eerie sleekness of the manta ray.

He created the broad wings of the condor and the rapid, darting flight of the hummingbird. He created the tufted ears of the Canada lynx and the long neck of the giraffe. He created the odd waddle of the armadillo, the grace of the antelope, the powerful jaws of a crocodile, and the purr of a kitten.

But God did not create everything. He didn’t create truth because he is truth. Truth is a part of his nature.

Of course, there are some people who believe that there is no such thing as truth. “Truth is relative,” they say. “It is different for each person.” But even those who say such things believe that their own statement is true, or they would not say it.

But truth does not only exist, it is eternal and unchanging because it is a part of the nature of God. As Moses said, “He is … a God of truth” (Deuteronomy 32:4, KJV). Truth also can be our guide, for we can pray as the psalmist did: “Lead me by your truth and teach me, for you are the God who saves me” (Psalm 25:5).

REFLECT: Why does today’s reading say that God did not create truth? How is truth related to God? Do you think it makes sense for someone to say that there is no such thing as truth? Why or why not?

PRAY: Look up Jesus’ prayer for his disciples in John 17:17. Pray that verse aloud, making it your own prayer by saying me every time you see the word them.