The Scream Machine – Today’s Youth Devotion

The Scream Machine

Bible Reading: Deuteronomy 6:20-24

The Lord commanded us to observe all these statutes, to fear the Lord our God for our good always and for our survival, as it is today. Deuteronomy 6:24, NASB

“LET ME SHOW you something,” Kyle said to his friend Jason as they climbed into the front car on the roller coaster. He gripped the safety bar and pulled it toward his lap, but not all the way. He leaned over to whisper to Jason. “I know how to keep it from locking into position.”

As the ride jerked into motion, Kyle turned to Jason. “See?” he said, lifting the safety bar.

“Are you crazy?” Jason said.

“Pretty cool, isn’t it?” Kyle said.

“I’m serious, Kyle.” The train jerked again as it started up the huge hill that would send them plummeting down the other side.

Kyle shrugged. “Don’t worry, I’ve done this before.”

Jason gripped the bar and yanked it downward. Both boys heard it lock in place.

“What’d you do that for?” Kyle asked.

“Look, they put these bars here for a reason,” Jason answered.

“Yeah, because they’re wimps.”

“No, because they don’t want to peel your face off the ground after you fall!” “We’re not going to fall out,” Kyle insisted.

“Right,” Jason said as they reached the crest of the hill. He patted the safety bar, locked in place across his lap, then lifted his arms high into the air over his head.

Some people react to God’s laws about right and wrong the way Kyle felt about the safety bar on the roller coaster. They think that God’s commands (like “Do not lie,” “Honor your father and your mother,” and “Flee sexual immorality”) are intended to cramp their style and spoil their fun. They think that rules are meant to be broken and that people who break the most rules have the most fun.

But God’s commands-like the safety bar on a roller coaster-are given to us for good reasons. They’re not intended to spoil anyone’s fun; they’re intended for our own good, for our safety and protection. The people who break those rules may sometimes look like they’re having the most fun, but looks can be deceiving.

Obeying God’s commands doesn’t just keep you safe while you’re riding; it can also make the ride more fun.

REFLECT: How are God’s commands like a safety bar on a roller coaster? How are they different? Do you think a safety bar does any good if it’s not used? Do you think God’s commands do you any good if you ignore them?

PRAY: “Thank you, Lord, for all your commands. Thank you for protecting me with your commands. Help me to obey your commands, especially when_________________________.”