For Goodness’ Sake – Today’s Youth Devotion

For Goodness’ Sake

Bible Reading: Galatians 6:7-10

Don’t get tired of doing what is good. Galatians 6:9

SEVENTEEN-YEAR-OLD Antonio and his family live next door to a disabled elderly man. When Antonio mows the lawn at his house, he also mows the neighbor’s yard and keeps it looking nice. He does this to be kind, not because the neighbor pays him-because he can’t afford to. The elderly man has been more responsive to Anto¬nio’s invitations to church since he began his good deeds.

Mindy volunteered during her junior year to tutor freshmen struggling in math. She spends four to six hours a week helping Jordan get up to speed in algebra. Jor¬dan and his parents can’t believe the progress he is making, and they are enormously grateful to Mindy for her sacrifice of time. Mindy keeps praying for the right oppor¬tunity to share her faith in Christ with Jordan and his family.

A major part of sharing Christ with the world is simply doing good to others. All through the Bible you can read instructions to do for others what is right and good. “If we do what helps [others],” Paul wrote, “we will build them up in the Lord” (Romans 15:2). Elsewhere he wrote, “Whenever we have the opportunity, we should do good to everyone, especially to our Christian brothers and sisters” (Galatians 6: 10). He encouraged us, saying, “Don’t get tired of doing what is good” (Galatians 6:9). When you do good things for other people, they get the chance to see the Savior in you.

Besides revealing himself through your doing good things for others, God can also show himself to other people when you jump on every situation as an opportu¬nity to do your best. Paul challenged the Galatian Christians, for example, with these words: “Be sure to do what you should, for then you will enjoy the personal satisfac¬tion of having done your work well, and you won’t need to compare yourself to any¬one else” (Galatians 6:4).

Wanting to do your best isn’t the same as wanting to be the best at something. Trying to be the best means you are comparing yourself to others-something the Bi¬ble discourages. Doing your best for others peels people’s eyes off of you and lets people see God in your actions.

And here’s a truth to rely on: When you use your gifts, talents, and abilities in the power of the Holy Spirit, it doesn’t matter how people respond in the short run. God will make the most of your efforts to draw people to himself.

REFLECT: Are you committed not only to sharing your faith but also to living it through your good deeds toward others?
PRAY: Tell God about your commitment right now.