How to Turn to the Right – Today’s Youth Devotion

How to Turn to the Right

Bible Reading: Deuteronomy 6:20-25

The Lord our God commanded us to obey all these laws and to fear him for our own prosperity and well-being. Deuteronomy 6:24

“LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, feast your eyes on this magnificent bottle of pills. Just one capsule a day and you will automatically know the difference between right and wrong. That’s right-you’ll never make a bad choice again. Who will be the first to pay one hundred dollars and take home this bottle of miracle pills?”

How hard would it be to part with a mere hundred dollars to make sure you made the right choice in every decision of life? Not very. Whenever friends pressure you to do something and you don’t know ifit’s right or wrong, wouldn’t it be great to pop a pill and instantly know the answer?

Well, there’s no such wonder drug. But asking yourself these questions will help you make the right choice:

  1. The Personal Test: Will doing what my friends ask make me a better or worse Christian?
  2. The Practical Test: Will doing it likely bring desirable or undesirable results?
  3. The Social Test: Will doing it influence others to be better or worse Christians?
  4. The Universal Test: Suppose everyone did it. Would it be good for every­one?
  5. The Scriptural Test: Is it expressly forbidden in the Bible?
  6. The Stewardship Test: Will doing it waste the talents God has invested in me?
  7. The Missionary Test: Will doing it help or hinder the progress of the kingdom of God on earth?
  8. The Character Test: Will doing it make me stronger or weaker morally?
  9. The Publicity Test: Would I want my friends to know about it?
  10. The Common Sense Test: Does it reflect good, everyday common sense?
  11. The Family Test: Will doing it bring credit or dishonor to my family?

 God has put you here on planet Earth and released you to have a great time. He wants you to experience life to the fullest. But that’s why he made certain things off ­limits. He knows everything isn’t good for you. So let him guide you in your choices by helping you choose what is right.

REFLECT: Do you believe that God is looking out for what’s good for you? What evidence do you see?

PRAY: Talk to God about his desire to protect you and provide for you.