Don’t Ever Buy a Compass That Points South – Today’s Youth Devotion

Don’t Ever Buy a Compass That Points South

Bible Reading: Psalm 119:33-40

Turn my eyes from worthless things, and give me life through your word. Psalm 119:37

THE AUDIENCE goes crazy with applause as the emcee glides to center stage. “Wel­come to the annual Compass Awards show for the Home Guidance Network,” he says. “As you know, the Home Guidance Network provides programming to help members of the viewing public find direction for their lives. Tonight we will honor the most deserving of these programs with the coveted Compass Award.” The host displays the gleaming, oversized, gold compass statue, stirring the audience to en­thusiastic applause.

“This year’s first nominee is the spirited program Direction from the Dark Side. This weekly show highlights occult practices-from horoscopes to tarot cards to psy­chics-by which people make important decisions.

“Our second nominee is the ever-popular program Do What I Do, where rich, fa­mous, and successful people tell how they live so our viewers can copy them.

“Next is the warm and wonderful program If You Can’t Trust Your Friends, Who Can You Trust? Where viewers are encouraged to direct their lives solely on the ad­vice of their friends.

“Our fourth nominee is the runaway hit Keeping Up with the Culture. The hosts of this great show remind us that if you guide your life by what you see on TV, in the movies, and in other media, you will find success.

“And our final nominee is the heart -wrenching drama As My Feelings Turn, the show that says, ‘If it feels right for you, it probably is right for you.’ ”

The host produces a large, sealed envelope and begins to tear it open. “And the winner of this year’s Compass Award is-”

Wait a minute! There’s no such thing as a Home Guidance Network-and even if there was, who really cares which of these “programs” wins? They’re all worthless! The practices they preach-seeking occult insights, copying the lifestyles of famous people, depending on your friends to tell you what to do, doing what the culture does, or following your feelings-aren’t God’s way to provide direction for your life.

The Bible is your directional map. God’s Word reveals his universal will, and reading it is the indispensable first step in determining his specific will for your life. Everywhere you turn there are useless and dangerous methods of seeking direction.  Like King David, continually ask God to turn your eyes from those worthless things and give you life through his Word.

REFLECT: Have you ever relied on one of these worthless ways to guide your life? What happened?

PRAY: Tell God you want him to guide your Life.