A Lifetime Commitment – Today’s Youth Devotion

A Lifetime Commitment

Bible Reading: Mark 16: 15-18

Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone, everywhere. Mark 16:15

THINK ABOUT THIS: Of all the commitments you will make in your lifetime, proba­bly only a handful will be for life. As a Christian, you have committed yourself for life to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. And someday you may say “I do” to one marriage partner for life. But these days it’s highly unlikely you’ll stay in one career for life. You might even live in different cities, states, or countries over the years. And you’ll be lucky if you have one or two friends who last a lifetime.

But if you are serious about serving Christ from here on out, you need to under­stand one critical lifetime commitment he has called you to make. Everyone Christ has rescued and called to be his disciple is also called to be a rescuer and discipler of others. And just as he intends for you to be a disciple for life, he also calls you to be a discipler for life. Praying for others, building bridges of love and concern to others, and sharing the gospel with others is a lifetime commitment.

God’s Word makes your lifetime call to disciple others totally clear. Mark 16:15 and Matthew 28:18-20 describe what is called Christ’s great commission. What’s the great commission all about? It’s the last, the clearest, and one of the most important commands Jesus ever gave his disciples. It means that everyone everywhere ­whether at your school or on the other side of the planet-should have the opportu­nity to say yes to Jesus. Do you wonder how important that is to God? The great commission is a true expression of God’s heart (see John 3: 16), and when the great commission is completed, Christ will return (see Matthew 24:14).

You can be absolutely sure that God plans for you and for every Christian to be involved in helping fulfill the great commission. Why? First, because it is a com­mand. The Bible says that if we love Christ we will obey his commands (see John 14:23). Second, because the need is clear. You will always have people around who need to hear the gospel and be discipled. And you’re on the receiving end of an amazing promise as you get involved in helping fulfill the great commission: Christ promises to be with you always, because you need him always in your lifetime min­istry of reaching others.

So does that mean God wants you to ditch your dreams of a career so you can become a full-time evangelist, campus worker, pastor, or missionary? Not necessar­ily. What you do for a career isn’t the big issue. Your real task is to keep seeking God’s will for your life-and no matter what he calls you to do, plan on using your career to help fulfill the great commission.

REFLECT: God has called you to help him fulfill the great commission. Can you sense his deep confidence in you?

PRAY: Talk to him today about your response to his call.