Sex Isn’t a Dirty Word – Today’s Youth Devotion

Sex Isn’t a Dirty Word

Bible Reading: Song of Songs 4:8-11

You have ravished my heart, my treasure, my bride. I am overcome by one glance of your eyes. Song of Songs 4:9

RERUNS OF the TV show Saturday Night Live show comedian Dana Carvey playing a comically prudish character called the Church Lady. The attitude of this old lady in her long dress and pulled-back hair is a perfect picture of how some people see Christians. They think the followers of Jesus believe in a God who condemns sex and sexuality. Not true.

Sex isn’t a dirty word to God. Or even to ladies at church. It’s not wrong, sinful, or shameful. God doesn’t hate sex. He’s the one who invented it! He started the whole thing. Sex has been a part of God’s plan from the beginning (see Genesis 1:27-31). When he told humans, “Multiply and fill the earth” (verse 28), he meant for them to obey him through the activity of procreation, or sex.

The Bible contains some frank accounts of sexuality. The Song of Songs, of course, is a love poem with language that would shock the Church Lady. The apostle Paul offered down-to-earth advice on sexual behavior to married couples in the church at Corinth. And Scripture doesn’t try to hide the fact that sex is to be enjoyed between husband and wife (see Hebrews 13:4).

God created sex. It is humans who have taken it outside the marriage covenant and dirtied it. God meant sex to be a fulfilling, exciting, satisfying experience be­tween a man and woman totally surrendered to each other in the enjoyment of each other’s sexuality. It is people who have perverted God’s gift.

When God tells you not to commit adultery or not to have anything to do with sexual immorality, he doesn’t do it to wreck your life.

God wants to protect you from distrust or suspicion and provide for you one of the most important factors for a fulfilled marriage and sexual relationship: trust.

God wants to shield you from the fear of sexually transmitted diseases and to provide peace of mind when you enter into marriage.

God wants to shelter you from bad relationships that are artificially sustained by sexual involvement-the kind that often lead to tragic marriages.

God wants to protect your virginity, one of the greatest gifts a person can pres­ent to a mate on his or her wedding night.

Can you believe God loves you that much? It’s true. He’s not trying to spoil your fun. He’s trying to show you the way to real fun.

REFLECT: Do you think God sees sex as dirty? Why or why not?

PRAY: Talk to him today about your desire to receive the benefits of his loving provision and protection.