The Driver’s Instruction Manual – Today’s Youth Devotion

The Driver’s Instruction Manual

Bible Reading: Psalm 119:9-16

I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you. Psalm 119:11

TODAY IS THE DAY you’ve been dreaming about for sixteen years. The picture in your brain is so real you can feel the breeze blow through your hair-it’s you and all your friends piled into your brand-new SUV as you cruise the town.

You enter your local DMV and take your spot in line, eager to pay your money and walk out with a driver’s license. Finally Ms. Gearshift, the cheery clerk, hands you a sheet of paper. “Take a seat at the table, answer the questions, and return the sheet to me when you’re done.” Sounds simple enough, you think.

So you sit down and glance at the paper. Wait a minute! This is a test! You sweat as you read down the sheet. Question after question asks about speed limits, signaling, and traffic laws. You recall hearing about some sort of driver’s test, but you never gave it much thought. Driving comes naturally, right? You get in the car, start the engine, and work the pedals. What’s so hard about that?

You push your way back to Ms. Gearshift. “I’ve seen people drive, I’ve taken rides in cars, and I even sat behind the wheel of a car once. I know that green means go and red means stop. I’m sure I can drive, so I don’t need to take your silly test. Just take my picture and give me my license.”

Friendly Ms. Gearshift suddenly shifts gears and glares at you with beady eyes. “If you can’t pass the test, you don’t know the rules. And if you don’t know the rules, you can’t drive. Drivers who don’t know the rules are dangerous.” Then she shoves a driver’s instruction manual at you. “It’s your choice, kid. Learn the rules if you want to pass the test.”

You swallow hard. “But these questions are pretty hard,” you whine.

Ms. Gearshift taps the booklet. “That’s the point. There’s a lot to know. But the answers are right here for you. Get this stuff inside you and you won’t have a prob­lem with the test-either here or on the road.”

Know what? God has given you an instruction manual. That’s right, the Bible contains God’s instructions for successfully getting through life’s tests and tempta­tions. If you don’t study the instruction manual, you are likely to fail the test-and somebody, including you, might get hurt because of your carelessness. But as you study God’s Word, stick it in your memory, ponder it, and live by its directions, you will find the strength to resist temptation, make right choices, and walk close to God.

REFLECT: God is a lot more friendly than Ms. Gearshift when he says, “Get this stuff inside you and it will help you pass every test.” How are you using God’s manual to direct your life?

PRAY: Thank God for giving you rules meant to steer you toward good things.