Getting to Know Him – Today’s Youth Devotion

Getting to Know Him

Bible Reading: Romans 1:18-20

The truth about God is known to them instinctively. God has put this knowledge in their hearts. Romans 1:19

THE BIG DAY ARRIVES. Your parents take you down to the local home electronics megastore and empty their wallets for a brand-new computer: the XL Hyperflash 6000 Super-Plus. This box comes equipped with more bytes and bits and megs and gigs than you’ll ever use. It can play CDs and DVDs in HD. It can communicate by phone, fax, and e-mail in sixty different languages and dialects, including Pig Latin.

Once you have your Hyperflash 6000 hooked up in your room, a few simple modifications let you turn all the lights in the house on and off, take the blender for a spin, flip TV channels, boost the electric blanket in your parents’ room up to ten, and nuke burritos in the microwave. And thanks to remote access, you can control every­thing from a friend’s house too.

Of course, the Hyperflash 6000 also comes loaded with tons of software-like the Encyclopedia Galactica, Games-a-Gazillion, and programs for accessing your school’s grade records.

Computers are techno-wonders. They arrive at stores with fully functioning brains. They get operating systems and a big selection of software installed at the factory, so all you have to do is pop open the carton and hook up the hardware.

But the most killer advanced computer ever created-or yet to be created-will never beat your brain. The gray, spongy “hardware” crammed inside your cranium isn’t much to look at, but the factory-installed software is fantastic. Every movement you make, every task you complete originates in the complex neurological system God built into you. Your brain, bundled with your soul and spirit, is how God equipped you for life even before you came out of the crate.

At the core of your internal operating system is a unique feature-a built-in ca­pacity to know and relate to your heavenly Father. He put it there, not just in you, but in every human being. Why? Because God wants you to know him as your loving Father. This God who called you into his family wants you to thoroughly know him. But even your marvelous, complex brain couldn’t comprehend God unless he gifted you with that capacity. So he did!

And when you turn to him in faith, it’s like he activates that inner program and lets you know him better. Anybody with half a brain would go for that deal.

REFLECT: God built you with a built-in capacity to know him. How much of that capacity are you using?

PRAY: Thank you, God, that I can know you. Help me to know you better.