Shine – Today’s Youth Devotion


Bible Reading:  Philippians 2:12-15

You are to live clean, innocent lives as children of God in a dark world full of crooked and perverse people. Let your lives shine brightly before them.   Philippians 2:15

A WEALTHY BUSINESSMAN in India was preparing to retire. He called his two sons into his office and told them of his plans.

“Now, you are both good sons and capable young men,” he said. “I can’t decide who I should put in charge of my business and all my property. So, I have chosen a test for you.” He gave a coin to each son and said, “Take this coin and buy something that will fill this house.”

Now, the coin he had given each of his sons was of little value and his house was large with many rooms. Each son knew the task would be difficult.

The older son wasted no time. He hurried to the marketplace and began pricing all sorts of bulky materials. He soon decided that the cheapest and bulkiest thing he could buy was straw. So he bought as much straw as his coin would buy and carried great bundles of it into the house. But the straw barely covered half the floors in the house.

The younger son stopped to think about his father’s test. He knew that only a most unusual purchase would pass his father’s test.

When the younger son returned, he carried only a small package. His brother laughed. “You expect to fill this house with that?” he said, pointing to the package.

The younger son said nothing. He opened his little package and took out an assortment of candles. He placed one candle in each room. When he had lighted them all, the entire house was filled . . . with light!

Every day you face the same choice those brothers faced. Every morning a new day stands open before you. You can fill it with wrong choices, selfish choices, choices that bring only darkness and disappointment. Or you can fill your day with right choices with good and decent actions that will shine like a light to everyone around you.

Make it your goal today—and every day—to fill your day with right choices, and let your life shine like a light in a dark world.

REFLECT: What did you fill your day with yesterday—light or darkness? Right choices or wrong choices? What do you think will happen as people see you making right choices? How can you “shine” like a light to everyone around you today?

ACT: Ask your parents for permission to light a candle while you eat breakfast tomorrow morning to remind you to fill your day with right choices that will shine like a light to everyone around you.

PRAY: “Father, please help me to live a clean and innocent life in this dark world. Help me to make right choices that will shine like a light to everyone around me.”