Trust and Obey – Today’s Youth Devotion

Trust and Obey

Bible Reading: Galatians 3:10-14

Christ has rescued us from the curse pronounced by the law.   Galatians 3:13

“THERE ARE JUST too many rules and commandments to remember. No one can be expected to remember all that stuff!”

Have you ever heard someone say something like that? Have you ever thought it yourself? Have you ever said it yourself?

It’s true, in a way. There do seem to be a lot of commandments in the Bible: “Do not murder,” “Do not steal,” Do not covet,” “Do not blaspheme God or curse anyone who rules over you.” It seems as if it would be impossible for anyone to remember all those commands, let alone obey them all!

As a matter of fact, it was impossible for hundreds of years. Century after century, men and women tried to fulfill God’s law, but century after century, they failed. Even the most godly people in the world failed: Abraham, Moses, David. If they couldn’t keep all God’s commands, who can?

No one—except Jesus. He’s the only one who fulfilled all the commands and requirements of the law. He’s the only one who never sinned.

So if you’re hoping to obey every one of God’s commands, give it up. It’ll never happen. You can’t do it. But Jesus can.

You see, that’s one of the wonderful things about Jesus. He not only lived a righteous life two thousand years ago, he’s living a righteous life right now. And if you are a Christian, he is living that righteous life in you through his Holy Spirit. You don’t have to force yourself to obey all of God’s commands. All you have to do is give yourself daily to the control of Jesus Christ. He will live the righteous life you couldn’t live.

You can never hope to remember all of God’s commands. But you don’t have to. Jesus will do it for you and in you if you just trust him and follow him every day.

REFLECT: Do you think you could obey God’s commands all by yourself? Why or why not? what’s the difference between trying to obey God’s commands and trusting Jesus to do it for you and in you? Which have you been doing? How can you start trusting Jesus every day to live his righteous life in you?

PRAY: “Lord, thank you for setting me free from sin. Help me to obey your Word every moment today and to keep from sinning.”