Trust Test – Today’s Youth Devotion

Trust Test

Bible Reading: Nehemiah 13:11-14

Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things.   Matthew 25:21, NIV

SUPPOSE YOU ASK your little sister to watch your pet iguana for the weekend while you go to a friend’s house. When you return home, the iguana cage is empty, and all your sister can say in answer to your frantic questions is, “I don’t know.” Would you

(a) ask her to take care of your rare Erobian Mickatoo lizard while you’re away for two weeks at summer camp?

(b) never trust her to take care of your animals again as long as you live?

(c) call America’s Most Wanted and say that your sister is wanted in twelve states?

Or suppose you show a friend your baby picture (the one in which you’re naked!). Three days later you discover your picture on every bulletin board in school! Would you

(a) show that friend an even more embarrassing photo of yourself?

(b) never ever ever show that friend another picture of yourself?

(c) slap a Kick Me sign on your friend’s back?

Or suppose you ask a friend to hold ten dollars for you on a school field trip. When it’s time for lunch, your friend hands over your money. Would you

(a) never ask that friend to hold money for you again?

(b) trust your friend to hold the change for you?

(c) loudly ask your friend, “Hey! You owe me interest, too!”

If you answered (b) to each question, you know that faithfulness—in a sister, brother, friend, whomever—makes you more likely to trust that person in the future. (If you answered (c) to each question, you should talk to your parents about your mean streak!) And a person who is unfaithful makes you less willing to trust him or her in the future.

That’s pretty much common sense, wouldn’t you say? When a person is faithful, it’s easier to trust that person; unfaithfulness makes it harder to trust someone. That’s one of the many ways that God’s commands protect us and provide for us. He commands us to be faithful because faithfulness is right; when we are faithful, we enjoy the trust and respect of others. That’s just one of many reasons why God’s way—the way of faithfulness—is the best way!

REFLECT: Today’s Bible reading (Nehemiah 13:11-14) tells why Nehemiah chose Shelemiah, Zadok, Pedaiah, and Hanan to take charge of the temple storerooms. What was that reason? Have you earned someone’s trust because of your faithfulness? If not, why not? If so, name all the people you can think of who trust you because you’ve been faithful in the past.

PRAY: “Father in heaven, I want people to trust me and to know that I’m worthy of their trust. Help me to be faithful to you and to others.”